Calling on farmers to help secure better wool prices in Wales

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Anglesey social enterprise, Menter Môn is calling on farmers to get involved in an exciting and innovative project to secure a brighter future for Welsh wool.

With the price of wool in decline over several years, the ‘Made with Wool’ project aims to add value to Welsh wool as a natural and sustainable product. 

Supported by Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs, ‘Made with Wool’ will launch the first ‘Wool Manifesto for Wales’ on Thursday 26 May at the British Wool Depo, Newtown, Powys at 12:30pm.

Project manager, Elen Parry explains: “The Wool Manifesto for Wales’ has been created by those who are involved in all parts of the supply chain. It acknowledges the current circumstances faced by the industry and presents a clear vision for a future that responds to challenges, making the best use of the opportunities going forward. 

“It outlines the importance of coming together to shape the future of wool in Wales and is a blueprint for pushing innovation in the agricultural sector in Wales to the next stage.

“We’re keen to get as many people as possible on board. Over the coming summer months, we hope to engage with farmers at various agricultural shows and events to work towards ensuring a better deal for them and to look at alternative ways of marketing and making use of wool. If you see us at any of these events, please come and say hello and learn more about what the project can offer you.

“With the sheering season about to start, we’re also encouraging farmers to send a sample of their wool to the Wool Testing Authority based in Caernarfon (for free) to get a better understanding of the quality of their wool. This is a great opportunity to explore and develop the full potential of this versatile product.”

The Wool Manifesto for Wales is now available. This is the first time a manifesto like this has been available, promising change for a sector which has struggled in recent years.

In partnership with British Wool, it aims to make a difference to farmers and producers and to promote innovative ways of using wool. This is one of Metter Môn’s Wales-wide projects.

If you would like a copy of the manifesto or to get involved in making the vision a reality, please get in touch with either the ‘Made with Wool’ project team or British Wool.

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, Cooperation and Supply chain development Scheme (CSCDS).

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