Reports & Studies

Below are recently published reports and feasibility studies relevant to the wool industry, these include reports and documents commissioned for the Made with Wool project through our scoping studies fund.

Reports & Studies

dafad lanolin

SCOPING STUDY: Uses of lanolin

Alison Harvey, Maria Watts, Hazel Ann Nash & Nerys Llewellyn Jones – Rural Advisors May 2023

SCOPING STUDY: Floating Wool Path Guide

Gwnaed â Gwlân published May 2023

Multi-purpose Sheep End of Project Report

James Hughes- Lafan Consulting Group published March 2023

Identifying Wool Learning Materials in Wales

Meinir Lloyd Jones – Lafan Consulting Group published November 2022

Identifying Ways of Adding Value to Wool in Rural Denbighshire and Flintshire: Feasibility Study

by Cumulous Consultants Ltd published 2010

Current State And Potential Of The Wool Industry In Gwynedd

by Geraint Hughes and Jen Hunter published 2019

Norway KRUS Final Report

Enhancing local value chains
in Norway, Oslo Metropolitan University published 2022


Wool Insulation Wales published July 2023

Sheep based enterprises toolkit

Arloesi Gwynedd Weldig, Menter Mon published May 2023

Report on the work of wool Supply Chains

Geraint Hughes – Lafan Consulting Group published January 2023

Introducing wool into the curriculum' discussion report

Meinir Lloyd Jones – Lafan Consulting Group on behalf of Made with Wool, Menter Môn, published September 2022

Welsh Wool Report Recommendations for the fashion, textile and manufacturing sector

Meg Pirie – Fashion Roundtable published November 2022

Literature Review: The Potential For Composting Wool and Bracken

Dr William Stiles – IBERS, Aberystwyth University.

New Report coming soon

Gwnaed â Gwlân

Innovative ideas for sheepbased enterprises in Gwynedd

Geraint Hughes – Lafan Consulting Group published September 2022

SCOPING STUDY: into Weaving Outputs in Wales

Cwmni CELyn on behalf of Menter Môn published January 2023

SCOPING STUDY: New technologies in Wool Scouring

Dr Graham Ormondroyd – Bio Composites Centre Bangor University published October 2022

Sheep’s wool as a carbon sequestration tool

by Dr David Cutress: IBERS, Aberystwyth University published 2022

Irish Wool Industry Report

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Review of market opportunities for Irish-grown wool-based producers published 2022

The use of wool in compost and other alternative applications

Dr Cate Williams – IBERS, Aberystwyth University published July 2020