Wool Insulation Wales founders bought together through Made with Wool project

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Established by Mair Jones and Ruth-Marie, Wool Insulation Wales supports Welsh wool producers an the decarbonising of our built environment. Mair and Ruth-Marie were both members of the Made with Wool project’s Welsh Wool Cluster, the cluster is intended to bring welsh wool stakeholders together and helped Mair and Ruth-Marie find a like minded business partner in each other.

Who are Wool Insulation Wales Ltd?

Mair Jones
Mair is from a Beef and Sheep farm near Swansea and works in the sustainability and decarbonisation sector, she is an advocate for nature based solutions to help combat climate change and improve the indoor air quality of our homes for health and wellbeing.
Mair has co-founded the business with Ruth-Marie and the initiative will increase the value of Welsh wool by returning a premium directly to producers through the British Wool Welsh traceability scheme.

Ruth-Marie has over 30 years experience in the finance, property and construction sectors including at board level. Along with Mair, she is the founder of Wool Insulation Wales Limioted. They are looking to develop and distribute Welsh sheep wool insulation products on a large scale to assist in improving the energy efficiency of all types of property as well as supporting the Welsh farming sector.

You can join the Welsh Wool cluster here.
If we can help you in making a connection email us on gwlan@mentermon.com

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